In addition to our already stringent hygiene and cleanliness practices we have added further measures to ensure we are a safe place to visit. You can view them here.

  • All of our staff have completed the AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 hygiene course

  • We will have hand hygiene stations at the entrance of Republic for our customers. Staff already currently use numerous hand sanitising stations in the kitchen and dining room

  • We are increasing the frequency of disinfecting and sanitising of all areas of the restaurant, which includes deep cleaning of all tables.

  • We support the environment and believe in the use of Keep Cups but for precautionary measures, in support of local health officials, the use of Keep Cups will be temporarily suspended. 

  • All of our team members have had refresher training with a strong focus on stringent hygiene standards.

  • We have reorganised the tables in the dining room to ensure they meet new social distancing protocols.

  • Weather permitting, windows will be open to ensure fresh air is circulating.

  • We have a large area of outdoor seating for those who wish to dine in the fresh air.

  • If any team member feels unwell, they will remain at home.